Jul 28, 2017


I teach 7th grade math in NYS and am trying to implement blended learning this year. My class is 50 minutes long with up to 30 students, and 1 teacher (me). I would love ideas on suggested models, digital content, grading, and classroom management (how to teach blended models, keep students on task, and keep behaviors under control). My largest concerns are getting through the curriculum and classroom management.

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Nikolaus Namba, Expert Advisor, Aug 3, 2017

Hello, I think these are great things to be considering at the moment. My first bit of advice would be to go and purchase, Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools

Book by Heather Staker and Michael B. Horn. I think this text does a wonderful job breaking down the different blended models, and advice for what might work best. It is also great that you are aware of the need to have strong standard operating procedures built with your learners. These procedures, if practiced and owned by the learners, will guide for successful implementation of any model selected. The last bit of advice is not to try and bite off a huge chunk at the beginning. Allow the learners and yourself to feel successful in bits and pieces along the way.

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