I am looking for statistic I can use in a presentation about blended learning in the US. how many schools are trying this? how many schools are in the BLU directory? thanks!

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Jenny White, Nov 7, 2017

Hi Rachel - this is such an important question for the field but one that we don't have a clear answer to yet. At the Institute and as a field, we are working to gain a better understanding of the depth and scope of blended-learning practices across the country, but still lack an accurate way to quantify exactly what's happening and at what scale. In Disrupting Class in 2008, Michael Horn and Clayton Christensen predicted that half of all high school classes in the US would be delivered online in some form by 2019. We hope that over the next two years we will be able to gain a more precise snapshot of K-12 blended learning to understand how that prediction is playing out. As far as your question regarding the BLU: as of today, there are 563 schools and districts from around the world in the BLU Directory. BLU Directory

Sam J. Brooks, Expert Advisor, Dec 4, 2017

Hi, Rachel,

My district has been working with Education Elements @EdElements on framing our integration of personalized learning (blended instruction) in Putnam County and have gained a tremendous amount of information and direction from this experience. Here are a few links to information that I can share with you and please feel free to contact me any time for more information:

[email protected], 931-260-7873.






Have a great day and I hope this helps.


Emily Pulham, Mar 27, 2018

Hi Rachel!

Have you read the reports from the National Education Policy Center? They have statistics about nationwide blended and online schools:


I am sorry that I am posting this several months after the fact, but maybe if you need the stats in the future you can use this.

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