where do i put playlists so kids can access them

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Michael Fauteux, Expert Advisor, Apr 9, 2018

Hi Diane. I particularly like putting learning lists on www.gooru.org. You can curate learning collections for students using all types of different resources (video, text, interactive, etc.) that you yourself can post or locate in Gooru's library itself. What's also nice is that you can facilitate formative assessments with a real-time interface that allow both teacher and student to respond to data in the moment. Being able to connect assessment results to specific learning experiences for support is particularly powerful.

By far the best feature though is the 'remix' ability you have. You can go into Gooru and remix and entire course, learning collection, assessment, or individual resource and edit them as you see fit. This makes the whole process of curating learning experiences for students more sustainable. It also makes collaboration between colleagues super easy as you can copy and edit each other's materials.

The entire platform is open and free. Full disclosure, my school system (www.leadps.org) and I co-created Gooru's Learning Navigator. We use it to facilitate different discrete BL / PL practices and entire models in the classroom. Students can even learn independently along side specific classroom curated experiences. The whole thing is flexible and modular by design and pretty accessible.

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