How can I set up a classroom with 26 individual desks? I have been doing rotation model but I want to start Individual model.It is a 4th grade classroom.

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Stephen Pham, Expert Advisor, Aug 6, 2018

Hi Kimberly,

There are many ways in which you could format your 26 desks. I'd consider the functional needs of your classroom (who needs to go where, when, how, etc.).

Check out some resources on the Learning Commons from various organizations on individual rotation: https://app.learning-commons.org/app/search?q=individual%20rotation

You can also find TLA's strategies around Use of Space here: https://practices.learningaccelerator.org/do/practices/integration?subtopic=use-of-space&grade=&audience=&stage=

Hope these help!

Stephen Pham

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