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Paul Bulakowski, Apr 19, 2018
https://www.CoreAtlas.ioTested in classrooms grade 3 & up (rural, urban, high/low SES). Based completely on the learning science, and what helps Students INTRINSIC motivation (because learning is rewarding). Happy to demo anytime.. and thank you for being a progressive, Student-first [email protected]://www.mindmyeducation.com/teachers/https://www.mindmyeducation.com/request-demo Read more...
Samantha Brumley, Apr 19, 2018
Being clear about expectations around rigor and mastery and creating opportunities for students to develop SEL and non-cognitive skills can be beneficial to all learners. At TLA, we recently released a resource series focused on diverse learners, but this entry, in particular, speaks to how these strategies can help keep students motivated and can ensure high standards for all students in the classroom:https://practices.learningaccelerator.org/problem-of-practice/how-do-i-ensure-rigor-and-high-expectations-for-the-whole-student-in-blended-personalized-learning-classrooms Read more...

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