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Jan 5, 2017

Ashley Bryan
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Sam J. Brooks, Expert Advisor, Jan 5, 2017
Our district (Putnam County Schools TN) is very lucky to have the Putnam County VITAL program as the lead for all personalized learning in our district. The VITAL program also has the lead for all Professional Learning for teachers and is moving toward PD Credentialing as time moves on. The VITAL program also pushes out trainings that can be both "traditional" and "virtual" in delivery. We feel confident that if teachers can experience the benefits of being in a personalized learning delivery of teacher professional learning, they will understand the student experience and outcomes much better. I hope this helps! Read more...
Kenneth Grover, Jan 12, 2017
As I work with teachers and staff from around the country, we begin by focusing on the core beliefs the group has about student learning how we take those beliefs and meet them through blended learning and personalized learning. Read more...
Barbara Treacy, Jan 19, 2017
One of the most effective (including cost-effective) ways to on-board new staff, is to provide opportunities for teachers to visit the classrooms of other teachers who have started to transition to blended learning. Through classroom visits, teachers can learn from what other teachers are doing, and the visits can also increase collaboration and dialogue within the school around blended learning. Read more...
Rebekah Kim, Expert Advisor, Jan 30, 2017
For the last several years, we have created a Blended Learning 101 Orientation for new staff. Since we have over 85 staff members at our school, it is important that we set aside time and resources for new staff to our school to spend time reading, engaging and learning about our blended learning structures before the school year begins. Most recently, we used excerpts from Go BlendEd, Liz Arney, for staff to understand the baseline of structures. As we continue to strive to go deeper with our work by personalizing what is taking place in these BL structures, we have the confidence that all teaching staff have a foundational understanding of what the expected instructional structures of a 1:1 classroom setting entails. Read more...
Denise Herrera, Mar 26, 2018
PLN, rubric, Google Classroom with Resources

Mar 24, 2017

Michael Weinraub
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Michael Weinraub, Expert Advisor, Mar 24, 2017
I'm looking at you Stepan Mekhitarian ;)http://www.blendedlearning.org/directory/view-profile/5180#tab_home
Stepan Mekhitarian, Ed.D., Expert Advisor, Mar 27, 2017
Thanks Michael :-). In our local district, we insist that all professional development around blended learning be delivered in a blended, constructivist format with multiple opportunities for collaboration, research, and analysis. Educators learn about instructional practices and pedagogy while experiencing them in training sessions. This approach also gives them exposure to a variety of technical tools that they might consider using in their classrooms. We invite participants to join a growing cohort of teachers interested in learning more about blended learning and do several school visits to see blended learning in action. In some cases, teachers who attended our professional development offerings and classroom observations returned to their school sites and began leading this work there. Whenever possible, we work with them to build their capacity and to give them the opportunity to share their experiences with other educators at their school sites. This approach helps us cultivate leaders throughout the district to share their expertise, a critical step given the scope of our local district - nearly 130 schools! Read more...

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Mar 19, 2019


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Anonymous, Mar 25, 2019
This is a great question! This blog post may be helpful for thinking about blended teacher PD:https://www.blendedlearning.org/4-tips-for-developing-effective-professional-development-for-blended-learning/ Read more...

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