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Jan 9, 2017

Sherre Vernon
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Donna Henry, Feb 1, 2017
This is such a great question! In Lewisville ISD we collect a lot of data about blended: attendance, completion, grade distribution, demographic, and assessment. But your question is what we are going after now. When I walk our blended classes at the secondary level (students attend class two days a week and learn online three days a week -- at the class vs. program level), I see all of the pieces in your question playing out differently. And how they play out shows up the the rather traditional data we do collect. All to say, we are just now discussing how to conduct research about how students and teachers are spending their time. I'll get back to this question as our discussion deepens. Read more...

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Thomas Arnett, Mar 10, 2017
You might find what your looking for at one of these sites:https://betterlesson.com/blended_learninghttps://www.canvas.net/browse/relay/ Read more...
Elise Hill, Mar 12, 2017
Hi Tracey,Are you looking for an online product or strategies on supporting teachers?If you're looking for products, I'd recommend looking into LMSs. Google Classroom is also a great, free product if your school uses Google Apps for Education. In terms of strategies for guiding teachers, I find it most helpful to model this (or other strategies) with teachers in PD. Let me know if I can help in any other way! Read more...
Stepan Mekhitarian, Ed.D., Expert Advisor, Mar 27, 2017
Some of our teachers use Google Classroom as the district has supplied accounts for all of our students. A small percentage of our schools piloted Schoology this year and we'll be adopting the LMS districtwide next year. It will integrate with our grading platform and parents will have access to check student progress online. Teachers can use lessons made using Google Apps but will need to hyperlink them from the Schoology class page. A support team is working hard to train schools on its use to make the transition as smooth as possible. It will be exciting to see how schools use the resource-sharing functionality of the LMS to share expertise and effective tools. Read more...

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