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Jan 9, 2017

Sherre Vernon
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Donna Henry, Feb 1, 2017
This is such a great question! In Lewisville ISD we collect a lot of data about blended: attendance, completion, grade distribution, demographic, and assessment. But your question is what we are going after now. When I walk our blended classes at the secondary level (students attend class two days a week and learn online three days a week -- at the class vs. program level), I see all of the pieces in your question playing out differently. And how they play out shows up the the rather traditional data we do collect. All to say, we are just now discussing how to conduct research about how students and teachers are spending their time. I'll get back to this question as our discussion deepens. Read more...

Jan 24, 2017

John Fiske

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Clifford Maxwell, Jan 24, 2017
I see great use in SAMR as a starting point to identify how learning activities can be improved. However, I do believe SAMR to be limited in context of the larger aims of a successful blended (or digital) classroom. For example, something that would qualify as a "Redefinition" in the SAMR framework may be a highly enriching learning activity, but the overall instructional model in the classroom may not be redefining the use of time and space to personalize learning for students, grant student autonomy, give a teacher a chance to offer meaningful feedback, etc. I have visited schools that use the SAMR model as a tool to identify opportunities to enhance learning, but it needs to be accompanied with a clear vision for how you want the overall instructional model to change. Read more...

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