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Jan 10, 2017


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Kenneth Grover, Jan 11, 2017
School transformation must be undertaken with great passion in what we all believe about student learning. Transformation, not change, allows the beliefs about student learning to be followed by shifts in instructional practices, adjustments in school structures, and the inclusion of the tools to support the shift. Read more...
Clifford Maxwell, Jan 18, 2017
One practice that has proven successful not just in schools but across industries when seeking to transform yourself is to start somewhere where the risk is low and the current alternative is "nothing". For example, perhaps there are students in your school who have to go without an elective because it's not offered. Start offering that online, and figure out what works best for scheduling, outcomes, monitoring growth, etc. Then take lessons from that pilot and see if you can start to incorporate them into your core courses. This discovery-driven planning process will be critical to figure out what is and isn't working as quickly as possible. Read more...
Denise Herrera, Mar 26, 2018
Provide opportunities for teachers to see different models in action. Two years ago, I would have said that station rotation model would be the best way for every teacher to start since it's quite familiar but this year we experienced another model and so many teachers were trying it out the next week! They became my go to resource. Read more...

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