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Jan 11, 2017

Clifford Hong
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Beth Rabbitt, Expert Advisor, Jan 19, 2017
This is something we've looked at pretty closely in our Blended and Personalized Practices work. I particularly like Root's approach, where they collect data on social and emotional skills alongside academic growth scores, and provide really actionable reports back to parents that shows progress as well as shows goals for the future and outlines key areas parents can work on at home. Definitely recommend you check it out!http://practices.learningaccelerator.org/strategies/mastery-based-reporting Read more...
Kim Carter, Expert Advisor, Mar 18, 2017
At Making Community Connections Charter School we have a set of 18 Habits that map our students' progress toward life, career, and college readiness. Students are assessed on these habits throughout all their learning experiences as well as their internship and school community interactions. Privileges (such as serving as school ambassadors, earning off-campus privileges, and representing our campuses at off-site events), are based on habits ratings.At any time students (and their parents/guardians) are able to access their Habits progress, represented in a "heat map" that compiles their assessments over time. More than one graduating student has successfully leveraged their Habits report into merit scholarships when applying for college! Read more...

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