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Katrina Bushko, Apr 16, 2018
Hi Laura,Although we say that the Flex model has online learning as its "backbone," it doesn't mean that the software has to be adaptive. You can design many different learning activities in an online format that students can access according to their needs. One example that comes to mind is EM Emílio Carlos in Rio de Janeiro. The teacher using this model, Eric Rodrigues, doesn't have internet access during his class period, so he himself has to ensure that all of his online content is accessible and varied. Even though he doesn't have adaptable software, the reason we call this an Individual Rotation rather than Flex is that he creates individualized playlists for this students out of the different activities – in a Flex model, the activities are there and students have the option (the flexibility, if you will) to choose which activities they do when. Does that make sense? Read more...

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