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Rebekah Kim, Expert Advisor, Mar 13, 2017
We use the blended learning block to personalize learning pathways for students by planning instructional groups based on students' strengths and areas of need. The rotations involve teacher-led core instruction, adaptive technology programs, small group instruction led by our ELL bilingual tutors and instructional classroom assistants. This allows core instruction, intervention and enrichment to take place. The data collected from these varying practices is used when looking at student growth and areas of need as we analyze standards-based assessment both formative and summative. Read more...

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Luis Flores, Jun 6, 2018
Hello DeEtta,Thank you for asking this question. The paraprofessional or non-teacher role is certainly beneficial to have on some models and perhaps required in one model (if you are using a lab rotation and students are leaving the classroom to go to a computer lab, you probably want to have an adult that can supervise the students. But do not feel that having an additional adult makes these harder or less beneficial.The reason that some models depict a paraprofessional role is that we wanted to depict what schools with the additional support could do to get the most out of their support staff. The paraprofessional can supervise students working online, assist students who are struggling, and/or look over student learning data while the teacher is working with small groups or individuals.But not having access to one is not an issue at all. You can still have station rotation models where a group of students works with the teacher, another group can work on a collaborative project, and another group can work independently and at their own pace online. Many of the tasks that the paraprofessional would do, can be done by the computers (keeping students engaged, providing them personalized instruction, creating individualized learning playlists, etc.)While we always hope (and believe) that all students should have access to many impactful and caring adults, we know that sometimes there is just one teacher in a class of 30+ students. The blended learning models were designed with this in mind and can still have a positive impact no matter the specific circumstances you find yourself in. I hope this answered your question! Read more...
Luis Flores, Jun 6, 2018
In addition to my answer, even if you do not have a paraprofessional, there are still other ways you can leverage your current staff and fellow teachers to create teams of teachers or other unique staffing arrangements. You can read about your latest research on these innovative staffing arrangements herehttps://www.christenseninstitute.org/publications/staffing/ Read more...

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