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Program Overview

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11 - 12
Blended Grades

Implementation Q & A

What was one of your biggest challenges when going blended, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle Achievement First faced in implementing the flipped-classroom model was finding a way for students to watch the videos outside of school. Initially, students watched the video lectures in independent study sessions that weren't technically a part of the school day, but it was quickly realized that students were running out of minutes in the day to be at school. Administrators decided to give every student in the program a Google Chromebook, but then faced the issue of ensuring that all the students had Internet access at home, an issue they are still working to solve. Another obstacle is the lack of quality online resources to keep students engaged while they are learning remotely.

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Achievement First Amistad High School is a college-preparatory public charter school in New Haven, Connecticut. The school was founded in 2006 based on one innovative premise: close the achievement gap by providing a prep-school-quality education to inner-city students. Achievement First Amistad High combines rigorous courses and high expectations with a host of support services more common at affluent and private high schools, including SAT prep, intensive college counseling, tutoring and explicit character education. Achievement First Amistad High is recognized as a national model of education reform, proving what is truly possible when urban students receive a world-class education.

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Achievement First Amistad High School
580 Dixwell Ave
New Haven, Connecticut
United States

Telephone: (203)-772-7000

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Blended Program Launched 2011