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Model Overview

Program Overview

Year Launched
K - 8
Blended Grades

Implementation Q & A

When you first implemented blended learning, why did you choose that particular model? (has your model changed? why?)

We implemented blended learning because we felt that it was our calling to solve the "multi-grade, multi-level" problem. For a teacher to manage 30 students but work with 3-4 at a time, for however long, seemed the most ideal.

What was one of your biggest challenges when going blended, and how did you overcome it?

It was the fact that although the model has existed for a couple of years, it was very new to our community. The most important aspect we wanted to hone down was culture. We believed everything else will follow after that.

What's the one piece of advice you'd give to emerging blended-learning programs?

Just go for it. You may have some push-back but in the long run, it'll pay off big time.

Select up to two focus areas you feel that you demonstrate leadership in, and tell us why here:

We're huge on leadership development and scaling strategies. We believe that it goes hand in hand. With competency learning, that was the way we solved the biggest problem we thought we needed to solve.

Program Focus


Blended Subjects

English Language Arts
Social Studies

School Overview

The mission of ASCENT is to be more than a place but an idea. We believe that being the standard is both systematic and fluid. Systematic in our beliefs and method but fluid in the execution thereof. We believe that contradictions are a good thing and that adaptability is key to solving problems. Education is a journey and not an end goal. We exist to guide learners and doers in their journey by creating culture not curriculum.


School Contact

Contact: Daniel Chung

Contact Title: Executive Director, Founder

ASCENT Institute of Youth Skills Development
La Habra, California
90631 United States

Telephone: (562)-265-8818

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Blended Program Launched 2019