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When you first implemented blended learning, why did you choose that particular model? (has your model changed? why?)

There are many reasons why biology teacher Igor Nornberg chose to use this model of blended learning. First, he believes that it provides more meaningful learning: its versatile nature allows it to adapt to diverse realities and contexts of the classroom. Another important point he highlights is the neuroscience research that demonstrates the inefficiency of the lecture. Knowing the results of this research and the day-to-day experience in the classroom, there is no reason not to try out new methodologies. Technology is increasingly present in peoples lives, and today, connecting technology with education is a necessity.

What's the one piece of advice you'd give to emerging blended-learning programs?

Just get started. Do not expect the best opportunity to come along before trying blended learning. If you wait to apply new methods until you are 100% certain of their success, you will never start. Its also important to remember that educational methodologies are always beta versions, and are in constant development.

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Colégio Pastor Dohms
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

Telephone: (51) 3241-3100

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Blended Program Launched 2015