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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

Station Rotation
  • As part of the Saint Katharine Drexel Initiative, the schools in our district use blended learning as a foundation for daily instruction. This model of learning blends traditional teaching strategies, small group instruction, project based learning, differentiated instruction, with technology-enhanced learning. Drexel Schools use the Station Rotation model, a combination of teacher-led and individualized instruction using digital content on an iPad.
    Models Used: Station Rotation


Why Blended?

Our adaptive technologies and assessments allow us to meet the identified needs of our diverse learners. Especially in the Silicon Valley and in a time of increasing technological momentum, it is crucial that our students are ready for the 21st century.

Team Structure

Five key operations members: Dr. Tara Rolle, EdD. Assistant Superintendent; Jed de Torres as Drexel’s Instructional Learning and EdTech Specialist; Marissa White SIS Manager; Tom Yacono Controller, and Liz Sullivan Director of Communications.


The use of technology and advanced content helps make the students’ learning experience more flexible, personalized and lasting.

Areas of Leadership

We believe in investing in our teachers. Through a partnership with Santa Clara University, we provide all of our teachers intensive training in blended-learning practices. Every teacher participates in a two-year course to become a certified blended-learning instructor.

Focus Areas: Personalized / Competency-based PD, Getting started with blended learning


Jed De Torres
Instructional Learning Specialist
1150 North First St., Suite 100
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United States
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