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Program Overview

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What was one of your biggest challenges when going blended, and how did you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle for the school has been data management and analysis. Administrators and teachers are trying to optimize the students' educational experience while using the reporting features built-in to the different tools. The school is finding that the digital content reporting varies greatly in ease of use and accessible data. Administrators have also learned that instructional models are not all appropriate for all types of students. Adjustments had to be made for different groups of learners to meet needs and learning styles.

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English Language Arts
Social Studies

School Overview

Hannah Ashton Middle School is transforming from a 5th and 6th grade building to a 5th through 8th grade building over the course of two years. This school has been a building rated at the highest level of Excellence within the State of Ohio for the past several years. Hannah Ashton Middle School was selected to be a leader in blended innovation for the school district because of the level of accomplishment among the staff members in utilizing data to drive instructional practices. Additionally, the new administration had a very strong background in educational technology. This year a pilot blended-learning program was developed with the new 7th grade team. These students incorporated a 1-1 device initiative and several digital content providers to drive a personalized plan for each student. The pilot will expand next year across all four grade levels and data analysis will take on new heights as the school begins to analyze the collective impact of school partnerships as well as the results of blended learning.

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Contact: Denise Lutz

Hannah Ashton Middle School
1482 Jackson St
Reynoldsburg, Ohio
United States

Telephone: (614)-367-1530

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Blended Program Launched 2012