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Model Overview

Program Overview

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Implementation Q & A

What's the one piece of advice you'd give to emerging blended-learning programs?

Educators must understand that there is a major paradigm shift between school-centered in which school and curriculum etc is the standard of design thinking vs learner-centered where every child is unique and education is designed with them at the centre. Educators must be willing to give up traditional standards.

School Overview

Iowa BIG is a public school with no admissions requirements. Each partnering district has slots proportional to their financial commitment to the program. We currently serve an accurate cross section of our partner districts’ demographics.

Currently, Iowa BIG is a partnership of the Cedar Rapids Community School District, the College Community School District (Prairie) and the Linn Mar Community School District. Students from these districts pay no tuition, and our teaching staff is employed by these three oragnizations. Currently, a number of students from Mt. Vernon Community School District pay tuition to attend, thus students from surrounding districts can participate in Iowa BIG.

Iowa BIG was created by the community and through the community building efforts of The Gazette Company and The Cedar Rapids Community School District. Its motto is “passion, project, and community”.

School Contact

Iowa BIG
600 Boyson Rd
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
United States

Telephone: (319)-.89-9.31

Iowa BIG's Website

Student Ethnicity

There are currently no past timeline events for this school.

Blended Program Launched 2013