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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

Lab Rotation Station Rotation
  • Personalized learning: We started 2015-2016 with two schools partnering with Summit to use their personalized learning platform, Basecamp. This initiative was led by 6th grade teachers at Rose Elementary School and Russell Middle School. Throughout the year, the district held frequent meetings with the two groups to tackle putting this initiative forward. Our expectation is that all educators stretch, grow and investigate personalized learning, but it's going to naturally move forward in a grassroots way.
    Models Used: Lab Rotation, Station Rotation
  • We have implemented a Station Rotation and/or Lab Rotation program at all of our elementary schools since 2012 since we made the shift to blended.
    Models Used: Lab Rotation, Station Rotation


Why Blended?

We want to see students moving at their own pace in order to gain mastery of content. Blended learning allows teachers and students alike to know where they are relative to their learning goals any time, anywhere. At home they now have access to continue their learning. In class, we love that teachers now have more time to interact with their students on an individual and small-group basis. We view blended learning as a foundation and launching point for us to implement more personalized learning practices.

Team Structure

We don’t have a formal blended or personalized learning team. The director of education services works with principals adopting the personalized learning platform. They have monthly meetings to share what they're doing, as well as PLCs and interventions. The director of technology works with principals and partners with Google. Their meetings support the innovative efforts by teachers and administrators. We try to strengthen those who can support what's happening at schools on a daily basis.


Culture of school: There's now a stronger sense of trust between teachers. They're sharing their struggles and their ideas. There's more trust in students to own their own learning. Students no longer have to rely on teachers to get learning.
Fewer discipline issues: Student are empowered and in charge. After first year pilot in two schools: suspension rate went down almost to nothing and that’s still the case. Very little discipline to deal with.
Changes in climate around special education: For students with special needs or in a resource program, they’re now doing something that’s not really different from rest of class - they don’t feel like they stand out. One student said that prior to coming to Weller (one of our blended schools), he had no idea how to use a computer, didn’t like talking to other people, and would get frustrated quickly. Now, though, he feels competent, joyful, and fits in with other students.

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