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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

A La Carte Flipped Classroom Station Rotation Flex
  • KidOYO coding platform- This K-12 web based platform is our primary method to deliver our coding curriculum. Please see this video for further explanation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2GxeB1s6uQ
    Models Used: A La Carte, Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation
  • eSpark- This app provides students with work that is specific to his/her needs. Student goal areas are determined by benchmark performance on a standardized exam (NWEA). This video explains one way we use the app. https://vimeo.com/78090818 I love Mrs. Van Bell’s quote “Differentiation with Dignity”
    Models Used: A La Carte, Station Rotation
  • Roble Education- This partnership with professional videographers allows teacher to create his/her own digital content. We place all of the final videos on the web for everyone to use. Our Superintendent’s video on Longitude and Latitude has over 70,000 views! Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTrsvGytGG0
    Models Used: Flipped Classroom
  • School4One- This K-7 platform is our one stop shop for all of our digital needs. It warehouses our curriculum, provides the ability to tag all content by standard and then allows each student to see his/her school work throughout the year. Here is video that demonstrates the app https://vimeo.com/123115081
    Models Used: A La Carte, Flex


Why Blended?

In the last ten years technology has radically transformed how we live, think and communicate, yet our schools have been very slow to embrace this transformational change. Technology provides a tool to teachers that make reaching every student easier than ever before. Personalization of content and assignments will transform the way we teach and learn. Mineola has been on the forefront of reexamining content delivery and student assessment. Our work with digital portfolios has allowed us to demonstrate student growth like never before

Team Structure

We have several structures in place to address blended learning in the district. The core of the team is at the building level, since each grade level is unique. For example, in our HS the curriculum is housed in iTunes U, while our K-7 curriculum is all hosted in School 4 One. Each building team has autonomy to decide what will work best for them. Of course these decisions are approved by a central team, solely to insure that we can support and afford the initiative


We have yearly surveys of parents, students (grade3-12) and teachers to ascertain our progress in building level engagement and climate. We also can show a direct correlation between several apps we use and student growth on our annual NWEA assessment. We believe this combination of qualitative and quantitative measures is important

Areas of Leadership

Taking strategies to scale- Creating partnerships with Ed tech startups has proven an invaluable method to scale our work while simultaneously allowing the company to scale their product.
Next Gen platforms- Our partnership with KidOYO personifies a next generation platform. Not only does the web based platform allow students to work On Your Own it provides virtual mentors to guide student work. Students have choice in coursework and can complete challenges to earn badges

Focus Areas: Taking strategies to scale, Next gen platforms

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