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School Overview

Student-Driven personalized learning ~ Online Competency-based learning ~ Adaptive Learning ~ Community School ~ Tuition-free

Why Naches Valley Virtual Academy?
Naches Valley Virtual Academy provides Naches Valley School District students, in kindergarten through 12th grades+, the chance to learn in the ways that are right for them. NVVA students will be supported by local teachers and staff who will focus on each child’s potential through an individualized written student learning plan that evolves as the child learns.

Our Mission
NVVA is committed to providing a quality education for a diverse population of students enrolled in our virtual program by using data, structured curriculum, family and community partnerships, social activities, flexibility, as well as online and local onsite support to inspire life-long successful learners and well-rounded global citizens.

Naches Valley Virtual Academy Offers Students...
District and State approved curriculum
A solid, tuition-free 21st century education
Local, State-certified teachers, with a parent or other responsible adult in the role of the Learning Coach
Learning at home, on the road, or wherever an Internet connection can be found
Flexible pacing and an Individualized Written Student Learning Plan
A combination of online and offline coursework—including a wide array of textbooks, CDs, videos, and hands-on materials—as part of a comprehensive K-8 or high school program
Opportunities to play District sports
Small group tutoring with local, highly qualified teachers
Ability to receive a Naches Valley School District / Washington State high school diploma and graduate with classmates
High expectations are placed on each student and focused, live support is provided to help each student succeed.
Students have full access to district resources including Special Services, guidance counseling, etc.

All students enrolled in the Naches Valley Virtual Academy are provided with a variety of options that will lead to graduation and are supported by services for the student and their immediate family that are essential to success. Students, parents and teacher(s) develop a detailed Written Student Learning Plan managed for each student through Monthly Evaluations to set academic performance goals and objectives plus required weekly progress meetings with certificated and highly qualified teachers. In addition, we offer credit recovery and extended learning opportunities. We provide an online learning curriculum with classroom support and accountability, offering students the best of an online or blended classroom experience for grades K-12 for district-resident students and their families.

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Contact: Steve Davidson

Naches Valley Virtual Academy
PO Box 159
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Telephone: (509)-653-2342

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