Do teachers and educators need a different set of skills or experiences to be successful in a blended learning classroom setting than they need in to be successful in a traditional classroom setting? And if so, what do you think they are?

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ryan piper, Mar 6, 2017

Teachers do not necessarily need a new set of skills to be successful in blended learning, but they will need a new mindset on what their role in the classroom is. I find myself spending way less time in front of the class, and way more time working with individual or small groups of students. The blended approach gives the students an opportunity to learn from other sources besides me: videos, interactive lessons, other students, etc. It gives a tremendous opportunity to those students who need additional teacher support. One that was not available with traditional teaching as the teacher would either drag students who were not ready along, or make students who have already mastered the standard repeat it a second day.

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