Knocking Down Barriers

Published: Sep 2014

This paper explores how California superintendents are implementing blended learning, despite strict regulations.

Schools and Software

Published: Jun 2014

Technology is increasingly integral to school systems — but do we know what schools want out of software? This white paper summarizes how 30 school systems are using education technology and what advancements they hope to see in the market moving forward.

Blending Toward Competency

Published: May 2014

Based on a small, early-stage sampling of schools in New Hampshire, this white paper describes how blended-learning models that tend to be disruptive relative to the traditional classroom appear especially well suited to support competency-based education at scale.

Private Enterprise and Public Education

Published: Aug 2013

This important volume takes stock of the debate, neither demonizing nor celebrating the for-profit sector, to understand what it takes for for-profits to promote quality and cost effectiveness at scale.

Classifying K–12 blended learning

Published: May 2012

As blended learning continues to expand across the K–12 sector, definitions are important to understanding the growing phenomenon. This paper creates a shared language for the emerging field, adding much needed clarity to the education lexicon.

Disrupting Class

Published: Sep 2010

Filled with real-life case studies and scientific findings, Disrupting Class uses the theory of disruptive innovation to offer groundbreaking insights on one of the most important issues of our time — education.