Nov 21, 2017


I am looking for relevant literature/articles on Blended Learning which includes History, Principles, Models, Theories as well as Strategies for Implementing BL

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Michael Weinraub, Expert Advisor, Nov 22, 2017

Hey Godfrey, I think others will have better direct responses to your very practical question but Horn and Staker's Blended is certainly a good foundational resource to have close by.


But if you are going down the blended learning rabbit hole, I would take Neil Selwyn's Distrusting Educational Technology with you. As a technologist, he is certainly not anti-edtech, but he helps us to embrace edtech with critical eyes open. Highly recommended.


Kira Keane, Nov 22, 2017

Hi - We pulled together a collection of really specific blended and personalized learning strategies on our website, along with in-depth profiles of schools across the country that are blending. All of the content is free for you to use and share. Hope you find it helpful! - Kira


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