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Why Blended?

Our students come in displaying a wide range of academic ability. In particular, many of our students come in significantly academically behind. Implementing a blended learning model allows us the ability to meet the individual needs of students. Teachers are able to pull small groups to provide more targetted instruction while students are able to practice skills at their level through online adaptive programs.

Alpha Public Schools is also keenly aware that our historically underserved students are not getting the type of education needed for the career opportunities in our home in the Silicon Valley. The blended learning model allows students to develop computer skills like typing, fluency with Google Apps, and e-mail.

In addition, Alpha is the first public school network in the Bay Area to require computer science for graduation, and we are among the first in the nation to provide a full four-year computer science program for high school students. We are working on building out a full K-12 curriculum around computer science.

Team Structure

The network has a personalized learning manager who manages the implementation of online programs and supports with the implementation of the personalized academic model. The PLM leads professional development around online programs and supports instructional coaches in moving teachers along the personalized learning continuum.

The network's data analyst creates dashboards for teachers and administrators to oversee how online programs are implemented.

School principals set the vision for their school and choose the online programs for their school with advice from the PLM.


Laptops: Chromebooks
Laptops: Chromebooks


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