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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

Flex Flipped Classroom Station Rotation
  • Cedar Rapids Community Schools is currently approaching blended learning as a way to differentiate and personalize instruction for students and for teachers. We have had pockets of teachers exploring blended methods for some time and in the last few years we have been working to support their efforts and systematically growth the program. We have been focused on building capacity within our staff around implementation. Our work with our Area Education Agency, Grant Wood AEA has helped us created teams within buildings to experiment and lead this work. Next year we will have the opportunity to scale our work and work with teams in approximately two-thirds of our buildings.
    Models Used: Flex, Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation


Why Blended?

"blended learning is no longer the future of classroom instruction, it is the present." Mazano, New Art and Science of Teaching

Team Structure

Our team has different layers of support. We have district level support that helps plan and coordinate efforts within the buildings. Administration and Instructional Design Strategists in buildings plan and deliver professional learning and integrate into the observation and coplanning cycle.

Areas of Leadership

We hope and plan to be through thoughtful and purposeful planning.
Took a lot of time to meaningfully integrate: train teachers to use the tools, to understand their purposes, to create the class.
We have dedicated PL each week. Schools share with each other.

Changing the mindset: shift in instructional practices. Make sure we convey the value in this new model.

What we have done well
Targeted audience: take those early adopters & show their progress, create excitement for others.
Those who want to be involved but still skeptical -> build the relationship, let them see the progress.

Our Near Future Plans:
Scaling our efforts and providing opportunities for continued learning and implementation.

Focus Areas: Taking strategies to scale, Getting started with blended learning

BLU Schools in this District

Schools in this district have not yet completed BLU profiles. Check back soon!

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