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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

Station Rotation
  • Our Blended Learning program is a teaching and learning system that rotates students among different learning stations with digital and face-to-face instruction to differentiate a student’s education. The students are divided into three groups with each group spending equal time at the following stations: Direct Station – In this station the students will receive direct instruction from the teacher. During this station the student is able to converse with the teacher and other students in a small group setting. Independent Station – In this station the students will be working online with teacher-selected technology that enhances the lesson that they are currently learning or other teacher selected activities. Collaborative Station – In this station the students will be working with peers to create projects based on the lesson that they are learning. Current research indicates that Project Based Learning immerses students in real-world problems and helps them establish the skills necessary to compete in a 21st century job market.
    Models Used: Station Rotation


Why Blended?

Our district was going to bring a 1:1 program to our schools, but we knew that technology wasn't going to achieve all of our goals overnight. We needed to pair the technology with an instructional program that would help us meet our goals of increasing student engagement and choice, increasing academic interaction with peers, and building time management and problem solving skills. That's why we invested in instructional coaches as well as technology.

Team Structure

For the first three years of our program, we hired a consultant to help us get everything set up. However since then, we've been able to build internal capacity by training one teacher at each school to be a hybrid coach – these people are rigorously trained through the Pennsylvania Institute of Instructional Coaching as well as in our blended-learning model. They serve as a leader for all blended teachers at the schools.


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