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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

Station Rotation
  • During the core content instruction blocks the students rotate from a direct, independent, and collaborative station to engage in small group instruction, project-based learning activities and digital resources that diagnose students' levels and prescribe content designed to meet the personalized learning needs of all students. Successful personalized learning ensures that students are prepared for their personal and professional needs within our evolving, technology-driven society. Personalized learning enhances diversity of knowledge acquisition, develops social interactions, and reinforces self- discipline and personal accountability. This holistic learning approach, while developed within the classroom, is applied beyond the classroom on an ongoing basis through daily lifelong interactions.
    Models Used: Station Rotation


Why Blended?

Hybrid learning is an instructional strategy that combines new digital resources with proven teaching methods to increase student engagement and improve academic performance. It embeds the systematic use of blended techniques, delivery of lessons in small groups, data to differentiate instruction, individually paced learning and application of multiple educational methodologies. Use of this rotational model ensures that instruction is student-centered. By combining new technology tools with proven teaching methods, the teacher becomes a mentor, guide and support person. In a hybrid learning classroom, instruction is targeted based on individual or small group needs as identified through data-informed reviews. The learning environment remains flexible and responsive as students pace their learning based on content mastery. When given this opportunity to succeed, students will grow and achieve.

Team Structure

Throughout this instructional transformation, Gettysburg Area has remained committed to their teachers, ensuring they had the tools, professional development and ongoing support that was needed to be successful at the district and building level. In a survey , 88.9% of the hybrid learning teachers responded that they feel that the school district supports teamwork, encourages open dialogue and embraces change. Teachers were given permission to try new things and learn and grow from their mistakes and successes. In addition to administrative support, the Gettysburg Area teachers are actively involved in the ongoing development of our hybrid learning model. Dr. Christine Lay, Asst. Superintendent was part of the Lexington Education Leadership Fellowship program which assisted the team with the development of goals and plans for the district's journey with personalizing learning for our students.

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