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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

Flipped Classroom Individual Rotation
  • Loudoun County Public Schools launched a personalized learning initiative during the spring of 2015 as a key component of their overall goal to Empower All Students to Make Meaningful Contributions to the World. Our personalized learning work is comprised of significant content and competencies taught through project-based learning, One to the World learning experiences and blended learning. We currently have 15 schools in the launch with plans to continue to add 15 more each year.
    Models Used: Flipped Classroom, Individual Rotation


Why Blended?

How does blended learning support our mission of Empowering All Students to Make Meaningful Contributions to the World?

The four key elements of One to the World learning experiences provide an instructional framework to support our mission of empowering all students to make meaningful contributions to the world. Blended learning enables us to differentiate for students performing below grade level and above grade level and contributes to greater growth in the development of students as knowledgeable critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, creators and contributors. With differentiation leading to greater growth in terms of significant content and important competencies, students are better positioned to solve authentic, challenging problems, create public products, and connect with the world to make meaningful contributions.

Team Structure

The LCPS Department of Instruction (DOI) underwent a major reorganization during the 2015-2015 school year to put a structure in place to support schools and teachers in the shifts necessary to implement the LCPS instructional vision. Nine instructional facilitators were hired to serve schools at the elementary level, and two were hired at the middle school level. These facilitators coupled with the existing staff in the Department of Instruction enable on-site, job-embedded coaching to the schools involved in the launch.


While we are in our initial stages we have recently put a data team structure in place at the district level to enable us to analyze leading indicator data and monitor progress. Testimonials from teachers and school leaders have offered very positive evidence of the difference this work is making for our students.

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