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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

Flex Station Rotation
  • 2015-16 Official roll-out of blended learning: Starting in the summer of 2015, MSD Warren Township partnered with Education Elements to envision, design, and implement blended learning classrooms. These blended learning classrooms incorporate four core elements: digital curriculum, data-driven decision-making, small-group instruction, and student reflection. The district asked each school to form a design team (composed of one principal and several teachers) and select one of the core blended learning elements to base their design upon. District leaders encouraged school teams to embrace opportunities for change and experiment. The district helped the teams tweak their final design plans. Aside from requiring a core focus for each blended learning program, the central office was not prescriptive. The models adopted and rate of implementation were determined by each school. The majority of models the district has seen so far have been Station Rotation or a hybrid of Station Rotation and Flex.
    Models Used: Flex, Station Rotation


Why Blended?

MSD Warren Township has designed and implemented blended learning according to a belief that every learner deserves a personalized approach. The MSD of Warren Township's path to personalized learning is divided into several phases. These phases provided a clear path to the desired outcomes of personalized learning. Phases are unique to each teachers interests, preferences, and learning styles. After all, we are talking about personalization. Warren's first critical move to these desired outcomes is incorporating student "voice" and "choice" through blended learning classrooms. Ultimately, all Warren students will have daily choices that increase the rigor and complexity of the tasks they complete, and each teacher's lesson's will be adjusted based on student feedback. This critical move allows teachers to value the input and preferences of students in a data-driven environment that values rigorous explicit instruction.

Team Structure

District cabinet members worked with Education Elements to refine the vision, work out digital curriculum, and think about the cohort structure of the blended learning rollout. This high-level team decided on a rollout divided across three cohorts. Each school's design team then included one principal and three to four teachers. This team led design workshops, supported by Education Elements, to plan out blended learning implementation at their school.

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