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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

Station Rotation
  • Millville students in grades 1-8 learn math and ELA in a Station Rotation model at their schools. Teachers will set up three stations in the classroom: one station of direct instruction, one of collaboration, and one of independent study. Students are grouped into these stations based on the data collected in the independent study station and their Exact Path (from Edmentum). With Exact Path, students take a pretest to gauge where they are at in their understanding, then the software will create an individualized learning path for them to follow. Students also use Study Island and IXL in this station. Teachers collect the data from these edtech tools and use it to separate students into groups for the next class period – specifically creating the direct instruction group and understanding on what they might need more targeted instruction. Teachers don't necessarily use this model for every class period or lesson, but when they do, students rotate through all stations in that class period. Millville Area School District has a 1:1 initiative with iPads in the Elementary School and with MacBook Airs in the Jr/Sr High School.
    Models Used: Station Rotation


Team Structure

We teamed up with LearnSTEMic (formerly Dellicker Strategies) to bring the Station Rotation model into our 3rd and 5th grade classrooms as a pilot in 2015. We had one of their coaches come in and give a three-day training/PD session for our teachers, and this coach followed up throughout the year with classroom observations, teacher surveys, and data analysis. Over the years, this coach has helped train three of our staff members (two in the Elementary School, one in the Jr/Sr High School) to be "hybrid coaches" who can more directly and more frequently help math and ELA teachers with their Station Rotations.


6th Grade ELA State Testing:
- 9.6% more LearnSTEMic students passed the PSSA when compared to the same students during the previous year.
- 2.3% more LearnSTEMic students scored Advanced on the PSSA when compared to the same students during the previous year.

6th Grade Benchmark Testing:
- LearnSTEMic students demonstrated 6.5% better growth when compared to the same students during the previous year.

Survey Results:
- 90% of students reported that the personalized learning environment helped them problem solve more effectively than a traditional environment.
- 100% of teachers reported that utilizing personalized learning strategies improved student participation and engagement.
- 100% of teachers reported that personalized learning has a greater impact on student academic growth than a traditional learning environment.

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