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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

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  • Putnam County VITAL: Started in 2008, the Virtual Instruction to Accentuate Learning program is our online instruction and personalized learning program for dual enrollment courses, credit recovery, credit advancement, blended learning, and distance learning in Putnam County. We currently offer online and blended learning offerings for students in grades 6-12. Our program features opportunities for middle school students to earn high school credits and high school students to earn college credits. We presently serve 1,200-1,600 students in our personalized learning offerings every 9-week period. Our newest area of personalizing student learning in Putnam County moves right into the regular classroom with support of traditional teachers moving to a personalized classroom model.
    Models Used: A La Carte, Enriched Virtual, Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, Flex
  • The Putnam County School System, led by the Putnam County Future Ready VITAL program is working with Education Elements www.edelements.com to personalize classrooms across our district. Education Elements is a nationally recognized partner who is led by Anthony Kim. Putnam County is interested in learning the characteristics of a truly personalized classroom with instruction being driven by the CORE FOUR: Targeted Instruction, Data Based Decisions, Flexible Content & Tools, and Student Reflection & Ownership. Our mission for our students is to Engage, Inspire, and Achieve and we feel the transition to true Personalized Learning in our district will help us meet that goal.
    Models Used: Flex, Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation


Why Blended?

We started the Putnam County Future Ready VITAL program to provide students with a high quality, flexible, technology-based educational opportunity that allows them to maximize their potential to serve and participate productively in 21st century society.

Team Structure

The Putnam County Future Ready VITAL program is the lead for personalized learning in Putnam County. The VITAL office is made up of a TEAM five employees and 13 adjunct online teachers with the sole purpose of supporting personalized learning in the Putnam County School System and its 22 schools.

We initiated a Personalized Learning Task Force, which consists of 35 individuals across the district. The task force consists of teachers, media personnel, technology integration folks, administrators, and community members. We get together in one room to discuss goals and attempt to mirror the same structure that exists at the state level in Tennessee.


We have seen a 50% decrease in disciplinary problems, which was previously a big problem for us. We lowered the need for credit recovery by 50% by using online coursework and intervening before students started to fail. We have many students in the 5th-8th grade taking high school courses, and have many students graduating high school with associate degrees. Due to VITAL we now have the largest number of dual enrollment students in the state. We also improved graduation rates from 86% to 93%.

Areas of Leadership

The Putnam County School System is working with Education Elements, a leader in personalized learning transformation, to create truly personalized learning environments in our classrooms. The VITAL program itself manages all digital credit recovery, credit advancement, dual enrollment, dual credit, and industry certifications courses in Putnam County.

Focus Areas: Leadership strategies for implementation, School / district redesign

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