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Model Overview

Program Overview

Year Launched
K - 5
Blended Grades

Implementation Q & A

When you first implemented blended learning, why did you choose that particular model? (has your model changed? why?)

Our blended model has evolved since Rocketship first opened in 2007. We know that computers could go a long way in personalizing the learning experience to meet the unique needs of each child. Initially our model had students in a learning lab as part of an after school model, but we quickly adjusted to a rotational model where time in the learning lab was integrated into the school day. In 2010, tutoring and intervention programs were added into the learning lab, which we found to be a huge lift to providing our students with personalized learning. In 2012, we piloted a flexible model where technology was fully integrated into the classroom. After mixed results, we've returned to the rotational model, but have used learning from our flexible classrooms to more flexibly group kids, leverage tech in the classroom, and provide teachers with more opportunities for collaboration. As we learn more and as technology improves, we will continue to evolve our model. Rocketeship was founded on the principle that continuous innovation and improvement is the only way to make a difference for ALL children. Our entire team approaches our work by asking, 'How can we make this even better?'.

What was one of your biggest challenges when going blended, and how did you overcome it?

_Initially, it was difficult for us to find strong programs that were not only both adaptive and assignable, but that also provided our teachers with meaningful, easy to access data. We've been sharing our needs with various online learning companies and, as stated above, innovating on our model.

What's the one piece of advice you'd give to emerging blended-learning programs?

Blended learning is not just about adding computers to a student's day. To be truly blended, schools must look at the integration of curricula, instruction, teachers and their talent, and students and their needs with detail and sophistication. This requires advanced tools and a thorough understanding of curriculum and instruction._ Visit schools who are doing blended learning well to help gain a stronger understanding of how it can work and adapt those learnings to fit best with your teachers and student need.

Program Focus


School Overview

Rocketship Education is a network of public K-5 charter schools dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap. Rocketship began in 2007 with the Mateo Sheedy Elementary School in San Jose, but has since expanded to 13 schools across the nation in 2015. Rocketship schools primarily serve low-income students and use technology to enable their teachers to be exceptional. They focus on engaging the community and families to create a positive educational experience that extends beyond the school day.

School Contact

Contact: Mike Teng

Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary
788 Locust St, San Jose
Redwood City Ca, California
United States

Telephone: (408)-286-3330

Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary's Website


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Blended Program Launched 2007