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Blended Learning INITIATIVES

Lab Rotation Station Rotation Flex
  • Lab Rotation Model: Blended learning is about creating a flexible space where teachers leverage tools—tutors, online learning programs and their peers—to engage kids in a truly personalized learning experience. To this end, all Rocketship schools use a Lab Rotation. In this model, students spend most of their day in the traditional classroom setting. About half of the day is spent in a humanities block and a quarter of the day is spent in a math block, with separate teachers who specialize in their respective subjects. Students receive large group instruction, experience small group and team learning and receive targeted intervention from their classroom teacher. This year classroom teachers are also incorporating chromebooks and iPads in their classrooms during small group instruction. Students then rotate into Rocketship’s Learning Lab for adaptive online learning, additional small group instruction, team learning and targeted intervention—all led by Rocketship tutors. During Learning Lab time, students also rotate through enrichment where they participate in physical education and the arts. The learning lab is led by individual learning specialists with the support of assistant principals.
    Models Used: Lab Rotation, Station Rotation
  • Piloting personalized learning models: Since 2012, we've been piloting a Flex Model at a few of our schools that will allow us to make sure we meet each student's learning needs. We focus a lot on how we use data from our online programs and assessments to personalize learning and personalize goals for students. In the past we’ve standardized the goals of the online program for all students so all students in the same grade would have the same goals. Now, we are pushing toward having varied goals for students based on their unique needs. We want to provide schedules and online program goals that really match their needs so we can help them learn in the best way possible.
    Models Used: Flex


Why Blended?

Rocketship classrooms allow us to maximize time for personalized learning, striving to reach the right student with the right lesson at the right time. Blended learning is about creating a flexible space where teachers leverage tools—tutors, online learning programs and their peers—to engage kids in a truly personalized learning experience. Innovation is in our DNA; we’re continually narrowing in on what’s best for students and our instruction.

Team Structure

The district's national personalized learning manager supports schools through blended learning implementation in close partnership with the Humanities team and STEM team. This group regularly does walk-through school visits to give feedback to school leaders who can then build capacity in blended learning.

In addition, the district works directly with school leaders to support them in building their content expertise. Then school leaders apply that knowledge to coaching teachers 1:1. That's our way of streamlining support from the district across schools. Our coaching culture is all about supporting teachers in their development. At every Rocketship school, one principal and at least two assistant principals are coaches. Teachers work with coaches on a weekly basis, including classroom observations and 1:1 meetings so they can continue to push their teaching forward. Our coaches are to be in classrooms for newer teachers more often than once a week. Coaches also oversee grade-level team meetings every week while students participate in enrichment activities. This time helps teams work to address the various needs of the students in their grades. With our coaching culture, Rocketship aims to support teacher learning in all phases.


High level of student engagement and ownership in their learning. Teachers and students actively use their data to reach and understand student goals. Teachers are strategically planning lessons based on student data.

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