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Model Overview

Program Overview

Year Launched
9 - 11
Blended Grades

Implementation Q & A

When you first implemented blended learning, why did you choose that particular model? (has your model changed? why?)

Our students arrive in 9th grade at an average 5th grade level, but their skills vary widely. We need to meet each student where he is. Also, most of our students have behavioral challenges and working independently on-line is often the best way for them to learn calmly.

What was one of your biggest challenges when going blended, and how did you overcome it?

Creating an orderly, purposeful learning lab. We spread students out and doubled down on teaching, re-teaching and practicing expectations

What's the one piece of advice you'd give to emerging blended-learning programs?

Try to find ways to try things out without high sunk costs -- we've found it very hard to predict what will work

Select up to two focus areas you feel that you demonstrate leadership in, and tell us why here:

Vertus is a very innovative model with a unique human capital structure. My ability to innovate comes from deep experience in both educational and non-educational settings


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Blended Program Launched 2014