Teachers, tell us about your blended-learning practice

March 28, 2017 | by Jenny White

We are invitingĀ teachers from your school to participate in a survey of blended-learning teachers being conducted by The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning and Evergreen Education Group. The survey contains 17 questions that ask about teachers’ experiences and opinions, and is designed to be answered in 10 minutes. The survey can be taken anonymously, although teachers may provide contact information if they are willing to be contacted for any follow-up questions.

The survey will inform a report that the Foundation and Evergreen will publish in fall 2017 exploring key issues in blended learning and teaching, including elements that teachers consider to be most important in blended learning, their experiences with professional development and other supports, and challenges in moving to blended-learning models. The Christensen Institute is supporting this research, and because the survey link below is specific to schools on the BLU, the Institute will have access to valuable information regarding BLU schools, including being able to compare responses from BLU schools with responses from the general survey population.

The survey is available now and will be open until April 7th.

We welcome responses from as many teachers at your school as possible, and do not seek to limit the number of responses from any school. The survey link can be used as many times as necessary.

If you have any questions about this study, please email Evergreen at [email protected], or if you are interested in the Institute’s role in the study please email us at [email protected].

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