Most viewed BLU profiles of 2018

December 20, 2018 | by Jenny White

Each blended-learning school and district has a unique journey toward creating more student-centered learning experiences. In the BLU Directory, we’ve cataloged over 670 of those journeys. And this year, over 20,000 people searched the directory’s schools. So which BLU profiles garnered the most attention this year?

Here are the 10 profiles with top views:

  1. Alpha: Blanca Alvarado Middle School: a public charter school in California using the Station Rotation.
  2. Clintondale High School: a public high school in Michigan practicing Flipped Classroom.
  3. Greenfields Academy: a small, private K-8 school in Chicago running on the Flex model.
  4. Northridge Middle School: a public school in Indiana using A La Carte and Flex.
  5. Isago Primary School: a public primary school in South Africa doing a Lab Rotation.
  6. Impact Academy: a public secondary school in Georgia using Enriched Virtual.
  7. O’Callaghan Middle School: a public school in Las Vegas using the Flex model.
  8. Longview School: a private K-12 school in New York demonstrating Flex.
  9. Cornerstone Health + Technology High School: an urban public charter in Detroit using Station Rotation and Individual Rotation.
  10. Aiken Virtual Program: an alternative program in a public school district serving grades 6-12 with an Enriched Virtual model.

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